"Butcher Table" Professional Haunted House Illusion

"Butcher Table" Professional Haunted House Illusion

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This product is a made to order piece that takes 4-6 weeks to produce.

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Captured by a secret cult of cannibals and separated limb from limb, this poor victim somehow still clings to life as his body is sliced up and served for dinner. He lays on the Butcher Table, crying out in agony. For some unknown reason, death will not release him from this painful ordeal. Is he being kept alive by science? A demonic spell? Perhaps it's all a nightmare, from which we'll surely soon wake up. The Butcher Table Illusion Halloween decoration is always a crowd pleaser. Easy to get into and out of, this lifelike illusion will have your guests shrieking in disgust as the unfortunate main course pleads for mercy. It's a great centerpiece for any haunted house, especially ones with rooms dedicated to cannibals or surgery run amok. Brilliantly crafted by the experts at The Horror Dome, this study table will mystify and terrify audiences night after night, for many seasons to come.