"Zombie Birth" Halloween Animatronic

"Zombie Birth" Halloween Animatronic

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It's been a trying nine months for this mother to be, and things finally are coming to a head. Impregnated by a fling with an infected zombie, she's giving birth to the living undead. Gather around in your surgical gowns to witness this ghastly sight. When babe arrives, and hollers and cries, you're in for a terrible fright. This mom's worst fears have come true. Her child has contracted the father's disease and will spend his days crawling the Earth in search of human brains. The Zombie Birth Halloween animatronic is a centerpiece-worthy prop that will inspire revulsion and shock, as well a a few nervous laughs, in your guests. As she nears the end of the delivery, she convulses in pain. Suddenly, an already decayed zombie baby bursts out of her womb an lunges right at the crowd of shocked onlookers. Add an exceptional thrill to your haunted house with the Horror Dome original.