"Zombie Attack Window" Haunted House Animatronic

"Zombie Attack Window" Haunted House Animatronic

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The Zombie Attack Halloween Animatronic appears to be a broken out window looking onto a zombie eating a freshly killed corpse. When triggered, the zombie leaps up and begins running toward the viewer. Just before he leaps through the window his head is blown off by a hunter spraying the viewer with droplets of water. The effect is incredibly startling. In fact, we have included a video of reactions to the prop from the 2010 TransWorld Haunt Show. Price includes pre-programmed control hardware, solid state video player, monitor, flow control valves, digital sound module, water system, 6in. by 23in. mat switch trigger, and all necessary electrical and pneumatic connections. Prop connects to air lines with a 1/4in. male quick connect coupling. Requires 100psi compressed air and 110VAC electrical.