"Triple Zombie Attack" Halloween Animatronic

"Triple Zombie Attack" Halloween Animatronic

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An ancient prophesy predicted this day would come, and it looks like it finally has. The zombie apocalypse has started, and the dead are once again roaming the surface of the Earth. Ordinary townspeople, deceased for decades are now stumbling down Main Street, on the hunt for juicy human brains. As you sprint to gather supplies before the entire horde makes its way to the city center, you take a shortcut through a dark alley. There, you run into this terrible threesome. The Triple Zombie Attack Halloween animatronic is the perfect centerpiece for any ghoulish graveyard or zombie invasion scene. These three undead buddies sway back and forth and groan, until the center one suddenly attacks. A theme park-quality prop, this trio of rotting and ravenous demons are the last thing your customers want to run into when they enter the next room, or exit your building. This amazing animatronic is hand detailed by The Horror Dome for a realistic look.