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Master of Disaster is an ultra amazing Shocktronic scare and is sure to be a hit at your Halloween or themed attraction. This amazing, cutting edge scare will have your guests screaming, running, laughing, and coming back to see it again. As the hard driving "Master" pulls the levers in a futile attempt to control the monster "Disaster" lights blink and the sound of electricity pulses! It comes with animatronic effect, sound, lights, costume, and controls. Shocktronics are brilliant shocks. These scares are both animated and actor driven. A great piece for a haunted attraction, Halloween event, or theme park, and will be sure to give your guests plenty of scares! What first appears to be an animatronic, quickly comes alive as an actor in costume jumps out at the unsuspecting victims!

The MASTER of DISASTER is adjustable to work with a 5 ft. 8 in. to 6 ft. 3 in. actor but someone around 6 ft. is best. The overall height of MASTER DISASTER adjusted for a 6 ft. actor is 8 ft. tall. Requires AC Power, Air Compressor and Actor.