Animatronic Zombies


Even before Romero entered the scene, the shambling dead were a mainstay of campfire horror stories. While we fear death, we fear the consequences of an unnatural return even more, and the zombie represents the worst afterlife many of us can dream of. Stripped of humanity and reason, zombies fulfill our greatest hope by turning it into our greatest horror, our loved ones returned to us. The Horror Dome put together this unique collection of Zombie animatronics based on some of the classics of zombie lore.

Shambling corpses, rotting flesh, and unearthly moans are brought to bone-chilling life with high-tech Halloween animatronics and high-quality latex. Our craftsmen have put together these designs with sadistic care, each one designed to elicit the horror the walking dead bring. For your graveyard scenes you’ll find our “Ghoul Gravestone Jumper” that leaps out from behind its gravestone with a slavering growl as the stone lunges forward. With “Zombie Outbreak Shock” you can create a classic scene with hungry Animatronics zombies barely held back by frail chain link. There are options here to bring your darkest undead horrors to life at your next haunt.

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