"Wild Thing" Halloween Animatronic

"Wild Thing" Halloween Animatronic

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This Wild Thing will make your heart sing... in terror. Not exactly "groovy," this murderous maiden can't control her violent outbursts. And so, she's been locked in a cage until her family can figure out what to do with her. Go ahead, have a look, her steel enclosure will surely hold. Do you feel the urge to free her? Do you understand the damage she could do if she ever got loose? Don't fool yourself, she's a lost cause. The Wild Thing animatronic is a hanging prop that features a psychopathic individual trapped in a metal cage. This adaptable character can be possessed by demons and awaiting an exorcism, suffering from a witches spell, an untreatable serial killer, or an innocent girl, captures by a sinister sicko, the choice is up to you. Manufactured by The Horror Dome, this sturdy set up is hand detailed for a creepy, lifelike look.