"Rockin Granny" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Rockin Granny" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Grandma was bitter, cranky and smelly, and died on the porch weeks ago. But now she's back rocking in her old-fashioned chair, possessed by a devilish ghost. Don't get too close to this ghoulish Granny or else you might be in for quite the shock. What seems like a harmless old woman is actually a powerful demon in disguise. Better skip this residence this year, it's not worth the risk when there's plenty of candy down the street. The Rockin' Granny Halloween animatronic will startle even the most hardened horror fans, and cause even the most frightened guests to have a little chuckle. No one expects this golden girl to come roaring up out of her seat and scream bloody murder. Operated by a remote switch, or option pressure pad, motion sensor, or timer, it's easy to make this nefarious Nana stand up and howl at exactly the right time.