"Affliction" Halloween Animatronic

"Affliction" Halloween Animatronic

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This product will not ship until AFTER Halloween.

Our production schedule is full on this piece, and it will not ship until after Halloween. 

This creepy demon-possessed girl animatronic will have YOUR head spinning in fear! Affliction is an animated Halloween prop that spins her head around, with controlled movement, while sitting on a bed or table. She is approx. 30 inches tall, sitting from her base plate (her legs are not included in this measurement). If the Exorcist frightens your visitors then this disturbingly creepy girl will do the same! She comes with a flashing light for effect and scary audio.

 Affliction is flat-backed but its clothing covers the back side. Bendable arms and neck let you pose the character. It comes with a metal base to stand it on.