Animatronic Humans


No matter how much we may be afraid of the monster that creeps in the dark or the zombie at the local graveyard, there’s nothing as bone-chillingly horrible as our fellow humans. The animatronic humans collection is inspired by traditional horror-movie bad guys and their victims, bringing both sides of the equation to life in horrific detail. These pieces feature exquisite design using high-quality fabrics and latex, together with innovative Halloween animatronic technology, to create pieces that are believable and durable.

In this collection of human animatronics, you’ll find “hanging meat,” a victim who seems to be half the man he was when he arrived. Meet the harmless “Grave Digger” who is doomed to join the host of victims wandering through the graveyard at night. The centerpiece of this collection, and one of our crowning achievements, is the Wizard. His leering expression, booming voice, and disturbingly life-like appearance make him the perfect host for any haunt or Halloween extravaganza.

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