The Plant Creature Halloween Animatronic

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There's a deadly dark side to the enchanted forest. Throughout the years, many brave explorers have tried to chart these wicked woods, but sadly, none have every returned. Will your fate be any different? As you trudge through dense undergrowth you keep your eyes peeled for tigers, bears, demons and vampires, but you fail to consider ferocious flora may be the culprit. Suddenly, a terrifying tree turns and attacks. You're the latest victim of the bloodthirsty Plant Creature. The Plant Creature Halloween animatronic is a shockingly realistic looking monster who will make a heart-stopping addition to a frightening forest, bad bayou, cursed cemetery or dangerous jungle scene. Over seven feet tall, this vicious vine features eight different, independent motions. When your unsuspecting guests approach, he moves his hands, arms and trunk, while growling and chomping his menacing jaws. An original design by The Horror Dome, this premium animatronic is intricately detailed.