Animatronic Creatures


Nothing is sure to elicit a bone-chilling scream quite as much as a well-executed creature feature. This is as true in horror movies as it is in haunts, and that’s why we developed this impressive line of animatronic creatures. Skilled craftsmanship, combined with the latest Halloween Animatronics technologies, with realistic, high-quality latex, and fabrics produce some of the most heart-stopping and terrifying pieces in the industry. Got a Gothic castle scene in your haunt? What better resident than our Blood Thirsty Vampire animatronic, pierced by a dogwood stake, she screams in her final death throes as she attempts to rip it out.

Doing a haunted hayride and want a looming beast that brings the ‘haunted scarecrow’ game to a whole new level? Our Jack O’Lantern startler is just the thing. Every group has its resident arachnophobe, so be sure to include our Spider Drop and Lunge in there to get a scream that will haunt them for the year to come. Whatever animatronic creature your feature requires, we’ve got it here for you.

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