Alien Halloween Masks


The question of if we’re alone in the universe has long been answered by sci-fi enthusiasts and alien buffs, we’re just waiting for the rest of the world to be ready to handle the news. The creatures that visit us from distant stars are more than just ‘not friendly’; they’re positively malevolent. This collection of Halloween masks represents designs drawn from sci-fi novels, horror movies, personal encounters, and whispers.

Within, you’ll find Carnage, the extra-terrestrial cousin of the “Thing from the Black Lagoon”, and the classic Grey Alien mask design with its hateful glare and shimmering black eyes. "The Victim" shows us what happens when something alien and hateful hitches a ride in the depths of our minds, while the demented troll is happy to share its demented sense of humor with Earth. All of these Sci-Fi Alien masks are the result of exceptional craftsmanship using only the best materials. The premium latex from which they’re crafted gives them a lifelike visage that will leave you breathless.

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