Motor Head


Use any reciprocating fan to create this little Nightmare


His body stays motionless while his head turns back and forth, why is he here and what does he want!


Materials Needed:

1 - reciprocating Fan

1 - Mask (Visit our MASK SHOP for a large selection)

1 - Set of Creature Hands (Visit our HANDS SHOP for a large selection)

1 - Shirt

1 - Pair of Shoes

Step 1

Get yourself a reciprocating fan, if it's on a stand like the one in the picture above that will eliminate making a stand (the picture above has the fan blades already taken off, you will have to do this also). If all you can get is a small fan, then you will have to make a stand to hold up the body. The fan will turn back and forth making the head look right and left. If you have the right mask on the fan motor it could get real creepy.WARNING: make sure you have plenty of ventilation for the fan motor, you don't want it getting to hot and starting a fire. Even with the proper ventilation this prop should be monitored some fan motors run hot and should be checked often.


Step 2

Mount a cross piece of wood on the stand for the shoulders. The head should fit over the fan motor and the shirt will be held up by the cross piece of wood. Stick some shoes on it and some good Creature hands and your all set to have some fun.